A real connection.

All I have to do is connect. That’s how to harvest love (the verb, not the emotion).

I’m talking the active kind of love that propels you forward and supports you and feels with you and for you. The kind that wants to do more than just survive with you. You know? It’s active and it’s weighty. It starts with a simple connection. A story.

Story turns flat to three dimensional. It’s unpredictable & it draws you in.

You can not disregard people when you know their story.

Stories have this transformative power to take people from being algebra problems to living art.¬†Sharing your story, in length or brevity, is like extending a verbal hand to hold.¬†I think it’s impossible to meet a face and learn about it, then feel entirely void of compassion and intrigue. It’s so personal and vulnerable, and it’s definitely the opposite of simple.

I am not a paper doll person — a flat character that waives in the breeze. I am intricate. I am the the sum total of everything that has been so far and I am lined with future seeds that haven’t yet taken root. That’s substance. And when it’s shared it can be invested in. When you invest, you connect, and where you connect there’s love.

I tell you about me, I reach out my hand. You tell me about you, you reach out your hand. We are 3D people. We are living art.


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